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Immersion Zone

We have transformed the indoor shooting range with advanced technology that makes it so much more fun and exciting. We offer an unparalleled shooting experience with real-time tracking, scoring, and interactive features. Our touch screens and projections make you feel like you are stepping into a game, not just an arcade, but inside the game itself! While this zone is welcoming and inviting to all shooters, from experienced marksmen to novices, we recommend those who have never held a gun to start here. The gamification of this zone makes shooting less intimidating and brings the fun back to the sport!

Games within the zone

Easy Invaders

In Easy Invaders, your reflexes and accuracy will be put to the test as you engage in a neon-lit battle against randomly appearing targets. Targets will appear every 5 seconds.

Hard Invaders

Hard Invaders will have the same concept of easy invaders. However your reflexes and accuracy will require you to Level Up in speed and accuracy. Instead of 5 seconds between targets you will have 3 seconds.

Check out the fun!

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