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Training Zone

This zone is completely different than a standard indoor shooting range.  You will be moving and shooting, hiding behind barriers, and competing with yourself and against the clock. It is interactive and makes you feel like you are in a shooting competition. Our real-time tracking system allows you to monitor your performance and progress and get instant feedback on your hits and speed.  Complete with friends, train with professionals, immerse yourself and hone your shooting skills! All types of shooters can experience and enjoy this zone, no matter their level of experience. Step in this zone and bring the fun and creativity back to the sport!

Games within the zone

Tactical Pursuit

Move from barrier to barrier and try to shoot all the targets. The order in which you shoot the targets does not matter, all that matters is moving swiftly between the barriers and trying to get to the top of the leaderboard!

Target Takedown

Where you stand does not matter, the targets will light up one at a time, randomly. Your job is to continually scan the targets, see which one lights up and fire. The more targets you hit in the time you have, the higher you will climb on the leaderboard!

Check out the fun!

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