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Kori Tejaskumar

Lead Mechatronics Engineer

I am a believer in seizing opportunities, and Level Up Live proved to be the perfect chance for me to embark on a remarkable journey. Originally from India, where guns were associated with violence, my perspective changed during my first job interview with this company. I was introduced to the world of shooting sports, and from that moment, I knew I had found an exciting, challenging, and unique career path. Interacting with diverse industry professionals at Level Up Live has been enlightening, and I am amazed by the boundless technological advancements the company offers. Beyond my professional endeavors, I savor my free time by embarking on invigorating hikes, exploring new places and restaurants (especially those offering delectable desserts), indulging in anime and sci-fi shows, and honing my skills in boxing and Muay Thai. 

Kori Tejaskumar


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