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Pearl Chan

Chief Financial Officer

I was introduced to Level Up Live by Colin. Colin and I worked together at several companies over the last 12 years. We work well together, share similar business instincts and I enjoy the smart people he chooses to work with. I have never shot a gun before, no airsoft, no live fire, not even a BB gun. However, I am excited to be a part of Level Up Live, as it truly has the potential to be a disruptive technology that is scalable with virtually no ceiling for growth.  Outside of Level Up Live I spend my time hiking and cycling. For the last ten years, my husband and I train each year for an adventure. These trips can be nine day hikes in the Alps or seven day cycling trips through different regions in Europe. We enjoy meeting people, sharing stories, and tasting different foods and wines throughout our journeys. I am a finance professional who started as an auditor thirty years ago. I have served as CFO to emerging high technology companies, all with successful exits. I love Level Up Live because of the passionate and skilled team who will deliver the vision of making shooting sports accessible and safe to many, families and individuals alike.

Pearl Chan


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