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Stephen Powell

Director of Training

Hello There! Well, I’m an Air Force veteran with more than 20 years of combined federal, military & civilian law enforcement experience; including patrol, HRT, narcotics investigations, drug task force team member and executive protection. I’ve been teaching professionally for over 25years as a defensive tactics, Krav Maga & master firearms Instructor. Rated with numerous organizations and agencies including the NRA, NM & TX DPS (TCOLE) and a Sig Sauer Academy Master Instructor. My company, Patriot Outdoors, Inc., has been operational in the defensive training industry since 2004, starting a large scale training facility in Eastern New Mexico. Patriot has provided crucial and relevant firearms training to DOD and SOCOM, state and local law enforcement and over 250K armed citizen students trained. Using my experience & passion personally; I created the brand "The GunLife Coach”. This is an educational & motivational approach to helping others in life and on the range. Couple that with my love for the great outdoors and big game hunting; my passions have exuded success. Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to appear on several Fox News, Sirius XM radio, various regional newspaper, radio & tv shows, promoting veteran entrepreneurship, second amendment safety & public awareness and the love of my country. I also consult within the shooting industry on outdoor range development & operations, training course development, public relations and crisis media management and a news contributor for several media organizations. I have great satisfaction in seeing others “Make the Shot” and it’s rewarding to see so many build their confidence whether it be for recreation, competition or defense in the real world. Joining the Level Up Live team is an honor! Having my talents and experience be put to the task of assisting so many people to see a new way to enjoy the shooting sports in such a progressive way literally takes it to another level! And last but certainly not least; as COO of The Gunner Arizona, my mission is to help bridge the gap for many who want to pursue their interest to shooting in a progressive, safe and unconventional way to their success.

Stephen Powell


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