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Thomas Chiarella


I got involved with shooting sports in college as a freshmen, skeet shooting was my first college physical education class. I love it from the start and eventually got involved in just about every type of shooting sport available - bullseye shooting, action shooting, 3-gun, sporting clays and more. I am active in the tech startup community, including companies doing some really cook work in advanced media, Web3 and AI. I am a coach and advisor to a startup in Los Angeles that brings AI into schools from elementary to high school, especially focused on kids who are inclined towards art, music, dance, drama, creative writing and more - helping these kids to use AI to take their creative endeavors to new heights.  Additionally, I enjoy cars and driving, cycling, mountain biking, golf and all things family. My skills outside of the workplace include cooking, piano, wood and metal working. I love Level Up Live because it's the best way I can share my passion for all things shooting sports with everyone in a safe, modern, inclusive and responsible way. 

Thomas Chiarella


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