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Tyler Harris


I am the Co-Founder and President of Level Up Live with more than 15 years of experience in software and services. During my career I have succeeded in industries ranging from insurance, to high tech and agriculture. I studied at Cambridge University and now I am an expert in digital marketing, business, sales and corporate development for high-tech companies. I sold my insurance brokerage in 2014, and entered high tech with Tableau Software in Seattle, where I led 3,000 reps in sales performance and was promoted to England as Enterprise Sales Manager for Tableau Software, UK. After Completing my MBA from Cambridge, I moved the family to Utah to launch a technology company in the emerging Silicon Slopes Valley. This was the perfect place to launch Level Up Live! I sit on The Board of Advisors for “Publisher Arts'' an international marketing company. I am also a Charter and Syndicate Member of ”The Oxbridge Angels.” A venture capital and private equity firm based in London. This fund primarily supports UK based companies, founded by Oxford or Cambridge Alumni exclusively. I have 3 kids and reside in Midway, UT. I am an avid kayak bass fisherman. When I'm not out testing the latest games at Level Up Live, you can find me on the water.

Tyler Harris


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